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Have a go in the Gunna-Be Challenge!

If you have your eyes set on one day being a Legend, first you have to be a GUNNA-BE!

We want to encourage everyone to give it a go and this is your warm up event.

This event will run alongside our Legends on Friday and Saturday with Junior (12-17) and Senior classes running the entire time. The total scores for each of the four events will be tallied to determine a Junior and a Senior winner.

Entries will open mid 2019.

Competitor numbers are limited so watch out for the announcement on Facebook.

Gunna Be Event Breakdown
Jump Challenge

Competitors negotiate a set course of jumps riding with a whip in hand and a Drizabone. The course will include banks, rails, ditches and all set to be ridden in an optimum time. Riders will ride without a watch. Any faults will be penalised.

Showcasing Aussie bush skill and bringing to life a true display of horsemanship and trust in each other. Competitors can choose to ride with or without a saddle to work their way through the obstacle course and a bridle must be worn at all times. The course could include drags, side-pass, jumps and much more. The course is finished with free-style display and is their opportunity to show their unique talents – a sight not to be missed!

Cattle Handling

The competitor will start in the camp and cut one beast from the mob, taking it to the front of the camp to work the beast in a campdraft format. The rider will then call gate sending the beast into the large arena where the rider will have to manoeuvre the beast around a set obstacle course. This will all be done within a set time limit.

The traditional heritage skill of whip cracking to be done at a nominated speed (trot or canter). Rider must be accurate to cut the target.A whip must be 5 ft or longer.  At the end they will also be asked to showcase a free-style that needs to include the Sydney Flash.

Whip Cracking

Want to be in the First Gunna-be Challenge?

Get your entire forms and have a go!