The Legend's Event

The Lower Lakes Stockmans Challenge is designed to emulate and preserve the skills and adventure of the famous pioneering Australian Bush Stockmen.

Over three days we will challenge our competitors and their horses and celebrate the Legends of the Australian Bush who went before us.  The exciting finale on Sunday will see the crowning of a new Aussie legend, the winner of the Lower Lakes Stockmans Challenge and new    “Legend of the Lower Lakes”!

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Friday and Saturday showcase the Preliminary events:

  • Stock Handling
  • Pack Horse
  • Whip Cracking
  • Bareback Obstacle
  • Horse Shoeing
  • Stockmans jumping

On Saturday night we announce the finalists!

  • top 8 men
  • top 4 women and
  • top 4 juniors

Sunday see all the fials action with

  • Junior Time Trial
  • Heritage Horse Catch
  • Poley Saddle Rough Ride

2016 Ladies Legend - Emma O'Shea

Preliminary Event Breakdown

Entry is open to men and women aged 18 years and over and to Juniors aged 12 to 17 years.

The Stock Handling event sees horse and rider team up and give you a close up display of their skills in the 80m cattle arena with a stopwatch tickin’.

With five brains in the arena – 3 cattle, horse and rider – the Challenge competitor is thinking on his horse’s feet!

There’s cutting, calming, obstacles and more to score the winning points.

Stockmen and women work in isolated landscapes and, whilst the Pack Saddle challenge may sound simple, the knowledge and experience in this event can mean the difference between life and death for the isolated traveller.

Under the experienced eye of the judges, the competitor packs the packsaddle and then travels the obstacle course replicating the not-so-simple challenges of the aussie bush.

The Whip Crack event is not to be missed!  It is a thrilling display of precision whip cracking and horsemanship.

No walking in this one!!

One hand on the reins,

         one hand with a whip,

                 aiming to cut the target tape

with a resounding CRACK of the whip,

the challenger canters their way through the obstacle course

up hill, down dale and over jumps – while the clocks a tickin’.

After the set course, competitors let loose with a 30 second freestyle show where they showcase their whip cracking prowess with one or two whips.

The fast-paced Cross Country event challenges horse and rider over rough terrain at speed.  While carrying a full length oil skin and a stock whip, competitors skilfully negotiate jumps, ditches, fences and gates to showcase the courage and experience of rider  – and horse!

This event has an optimum time window so competitors can’t ride too slowly to maximise jumps points and can’t ride too fast to get the best time but at the expense of their horse.

And the Bonus Jump at the end of the course is optional but taken cleanly offers a huge point bonus and no penalties.

The Bareback event brings the aussie bush skills to life with horse and rider completing a challenging obstacle course.  Horses are not naturally adventurous but these riders have put in the time gaining their partner’s trust and it is a compelling display of horsemanship.

No saddle, a stock whip and beat the clock – bonus points for no headgear on the horse!

Even more entertainment with the Freestyle segment.

Precision and speed is what you need to succeed in the traditional Horseshoeing event.  Horse handling, preparation, shape and fit of the shoe are all imperative to the horse and the riders’ safety in rough terrain.


Want to be the next Legend?

Step 1 – Download entry form

Step 2 – Fill in & post it back to us

Step 3 – Get training and wait for your confirmation

Have a go today!

Sunday is Finals Day

 The finalists are here to fight out top spot and be crowned as

The Legends of the Lower Lakes.

Sunday morning sees the Junior finalists tackling the Junior Time Trial.

Followed by the Women’s Final: The Heritage Horse Catch!

Be mesmerised by the talent of our finals riders as the young brumbys test their skills in The Heritage Horse Catch. 

The men will also be tested by the brumbys in the Men’s Heritage Horse Catch …  

and more Men’s action with the Poley Saddle Rough Ride as the Men’s final crowning event!

“Throughly enjoyed competing at the Lower Lakes stockmen’s challenge last year in 2015, committee worked really hard to make it the event that it is!  I’m excited to compete this year and challenge myself even more!  Thank You for continuing and making it a great weekend!”  Brooke W.

“Fantastic event, I have been every year and I’ll be back this year!  Michael Green

“Awesome!! Well done to the committee and all involved on a fantastic weekend!! We’ll be back next year!! (12 hour drive from Victoria)  Vicki S.

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